Credit Counseling

A Debt Management Plan is a program where you make one monthly payment for all creditors through a licensed service agent that has lower, pre-negotiated, fixed rates with your creditors. Typically the rates are between 4% to 9%. In a Debt Management Plan, you will be paying back 100% of the debt that you owe but you will be paying back at a much lower interest rate.

Once enrolled into a debt management program, your job doesn’t end just because a credit counseling agency has agreed to pay your bills on your behalf. In any debt management program, it is important to:

Here are a few benefits of enrolling into a Debt Management Plan:

1. One convenient monthly payment

DMP plans combine all of your creditor payments into one monthly amount, and once your service agent will disburse payment directly to your creditors on your behalf.

2. Save money with lower interest:

Work with your creditors to lower the interest rate you pay on your debt.

3. Get out of debt faster:

This program will help put an end to your financial stress. The length of the program will be determined by the total amount of your debt, your specific creditors, and whether you can send additional funds as you become more financially stable. Each of these items is identified during our debt management counseling session.